Subscriptions for year 2019

Types of membership and Annual subscriptions

  • Family                                                  £82.00
  • Single adult (25 and over)               £45.00
  • Country Family                                  £45.00
  • Country Single                                   £26.00
  • Young Adult (18-24)                         £22.50
  • Junior “in loco parentis”                  £22.50
  • Block*

Boat Fees
Dinghies                          £42.00
Optimist                          £33.00

Winter storage
Dinghies                          £27.00
Optimists                        £22.00

  • Membership gives access to the club’s facilities, including club boats.

  • Family membership includes the adult members’ own children aged up to 17 years (as does Single adult membership)
  • CSC Subs and Fee
  • Country members live more than 40 miles/64 kilometres radius from the club at Waterbeach.
  • In the first year only there’s an entrance fee equal to the annual subscription.
  • *Block membership is arranged case by case for organizations such as schools, scouts/guides and so on.


Please come along to the Cam Sailing Club at a weekend during the season to have a look at the club, its boats and facilities. We can discuss the type of membership you need and whether you are going to bring your own boat. Please fill out and bring the application form to the club.
cscmemshipapplicnform.pdfDownload File

The best times to come are Saturday afternoon up to about 4 pm or all day Sunday till about 5 pm. It might be a good idea to let us know what time you’re planning to come – see the list of contacts and contact the Membership Secretary.