Training Calendar

20th April 2024 – 10.00-1.00    

Junior Race Training – this is for experienced helms and those wishing to get involved in racing

 13/14thApril, 27/28 July, 10/11/12/13th August 2024

Adult & Youth Training Course, RYA level 1-2, Youth 1-3, possible race course

29th July – 2nd August 

Optimist Training Week, RYA Stage 1-3 and racing courses

Adult & Youth Training

Our Adult & Youth Training days have been increased this year will be held over 2 weekends as above from 9.30am to 5.00pm. In addition we have introduced a 4 day training which can be used as days or half days. All these are for adults and youths of 14 yrs and upwards. All these are run under the RYA training establishment and all instructors are qualified by the RYA.


Candidates can either book onto the training for one or both days for all courses or 4 half days in case of the August sessions. The cost for one day will be £70, or for the two days £130. We are organising the sessions this year so members can choose whether to aim to qualify for a RYA Certificate at the end of a weekend course or simply come along to get advice, help and experience afloat for one or two days without working towards a ‘pass mark’ to qualify for a certificate.


In addition to these days there are some sessions for informal training that is being run by experienced helms, not necessarily RYA instructors. These can be access by contacting Henry Bird by e-mail – address on the club card under Press Officer. Times and dates for these are by arrangement.


Following the course there are races in which beginner helms can enter and compete against good helms using a personal handicap. It works a little like a golf handicap in reverse so the better the helm is the higher the personal handicap which is applied to the finish time. The better helms have personal handicaps of above 10, beginners will be zero so stand a good chance of finishing closer to the winning boat or winning.


The following races are deemed as personal handicap:-Pitteway Salver, Easter Egg Race, Harris Sugar Bowl, SM Pennant, DSF Pennant, Doctors Cup (this is for those who have not won any silver ware)


The closing date for applications is 15th March for 13/14th April and 26 April for the other courses. Please email John Howett
 * to apply

Optimist & Youth Topper Training Week 29th July – 2nd August

Optimist & Youth Topper Training Week is the main training week for the Cam Optimist & Topper Fleets. The week was set up to enable children sailing with us to train and be coached at our club and then to become, or continue to be, involved with the Cam Optimist & Topper Fleets attending sailing and racing sessions.


If a child only attends the week and does not sail at other times during the year, the child’s and parents’ expectations for improvement during the week have been found to be higher than the standard the child will actually achieve. It is also difficult for instructors to move forward with their groups if they have to recap course work and instruct on basic sailing on the water from the previous year. Although it is good to be awarded a RYA Certificate, it is always ‘time spent on the water’ which consolidates what has previously been learned, improves sailing standard and produces good helms.


We do want children to have fun but would like to point out to parents that the week is primarily a sailing course to promote Junior Sailing at our club and not meant for purely a summer holiday activity. However, no keen Cam child will be discouraged from taking part as we also wish to promote Junior Sailing at all levels for children who wish to be involved in the sport. 


In previous years the week has often been oversubscribed. Partly with this in mind we have set a minimum age of 8 years for all children applying.


The Beginner Group is for children with little or no sailing experience, or for children just needing to gain further confidence afloat and will have 12 children sharing the 6 Club Optimists. Members children will be accepted in line with the following criteria:

  • Club member at time of sign up and gone through committee,
  • Age 8 or over
  • Siblings in the other groups or previous groups
  • Discretion of the committee

Children applying for other groups do need to provide their own Optimist or Topper dinghy for the week. We will also wish to know the sailing experience your child has had since the previous year’s Optimist Week and evidence of your child’s own commitment for wanting a place on the course to learn and improve. Preference will be given to those who attended last year’s Junior Training Week.


The Training Committee will look at all applications before children are offered a place on the course in other groups.


The cost for the week will be £100 per child. The Beginner Group children will also pay an extra charge of £35 for the hire of the RYA Optimists.


Application forms can be downloaded from the website. Completed forms must be submitted to John Howett, Principal of our Training Establishment at Cam, by 26 April. You will be informed by the end of May if your child has a place on the course.