Cam Sailing Club plans to welcome new members in 2021.

The Club has begun to reopen in line with guidance from the RYA and is now accepting new members. Prospective members who would like to visit the Club before joining are invited to visit the Club on alternate Sundays at 2pm. Please wait near the main gate, there will be a short tour of the Club grounds starting at 2pm. The last tour for this season will be held on Sunday 19th September

The membership application form can be found here and completed forms sent to the membership secretary.

New members will receive an induction from a mentor assigned to them from the Sailing Club Committee. The induction will provide detailed information on use of Club boats and other facilities, Club byelaws, and any Covid restrictions still in place.

The purpose of the induction is to allow new members to use the Club safely until a time when all social distancing measures can be lifted. New members may not access the Club until they have received their induction.

Types of membership and Annual subscriptions

  • Family/Joint                                      £82.00
  • Single adult (25 and over)               £45.00
  • Country Family                                  £45.00
  • Country Single                                   £26.00
  • Young Adult (18-24)                         £22.50
  • Junior “in loco parentis”                  £22.50
  • Block*

Boat Fees
Dinghies                          £42.00
Optimist                          £33.00

Winter storage
Dinghies                          £27.00
Optimists                        £22.00

  • Membership gives access to the club’s facilities, including club boats.

  • Family membership includes the adult members’ own children aged up to 17 years (as does Single adult membership)
  • CSC Subs and Fee
  • Country members live more than 40 miles/64 kilometres radius from the club at Waterbeach.
  • In the first year only there’s an entrance fee equal to the annual subscription.
  • *Block membership is arranged case by case for organizations such as schools, scouts/guides and so on.