Dinghy Classes

The club owns several dinghies, which belong to these classes:

  • 3 Optimists (suitable for small children)
  • 3 Toppers (for larger children or small adults)
  • 1 MirrorĀ (for adults and/or children)
  • 1 Enterprise (mainly an adult boat)
  • 1 Laser (mainly an adult boat)
  • 2 Comet Versas (for adults and/or children)

Members can sail these club boats free of charge, but most members have their own boats, that they keep at the club. Some are in the classes mentioned above, but they also include (or have recently included) these classes:

  • Graduate
  • Comet
  • Scorpion
  • British Moth

  • Byte
  • Merlin
  • Rocket
  • numerous other types

Sailing Cruisers

We have over 30 sailing cruisers in the club, all owned by members. They range from traditional Broads style wooden boats (one with a topsail) to new fibreglass boats. Cruisers have access to the waters of the Great Ouse System.